Good therapists aim to see their clients without the overlays on their personality generated by the past, and they take steps to help them eventually see themselves this same way. Nowhere in life is a person listened to, felt, empathized with, and experienced with such concentrated sharing and emphasis on every aspect of personal communication.
— Lisa Firestone, PhD

Inner Sun Healing Arts Counseling:

Discover how state-Of-The-Art psychotherapy helps you overcome years of struggle and pain.

there's real help ahead.

Has this ever happened to you?

You go to session after session with your therapist, but real change eludes you. And one day, you realize that after all of your time and money invested, you're still overwhelmed by the same old feelings.

* Depressed

* Stressed

* Unmotivated

* Anxious

* In Pain

How frustrating, to say the least.

Or perhaps you've just decided that it's time you get some help and healing, but you don't want to waste precious time or money on things that don't work.


While traditional "talk" therapy has its place, advances in neuroscience have opened the doors to remarkable new therapies that surpass old-school approaches. Also, one of the surprises modern research reveals is that ancient methods of transformation and healing - like mindfulness techniques, meditation, and nature-inspired practices - really do work. The combination of traditional healing practices with modern day advances and technology are a winning number.

Tanya is tremendously genuine and caring. I have never felt more at ease in anyone’s presence than hers. Her heart and her mind are always open and she is always there when I need her support the most. Her approach never feels pre-package or rehearsed, but thoughtfully shaped to suit my unique personality.
— VF

But what’s the real secret to these therapies?

Meet psychotherapist Tanya Vallianos of Fort Collins, Colorado. During her decades of training and practice working with women of all ages and backgrounds, Tanya discovered that body-centered, experiential methods heal women far more effectively and efficiently then talk therapy alone. She was aware that women have different needs that are best understood and acknowledged from this approach.

From here, outdated and limited belief systems give way to a new perspective of yourself and your world, freeing you from the negative, painful and self-destructive thoughts and feelings that cause you to suffer.


Tanya guides you to new levels of calm, happiness, satisfaction, and success. She engages your emotions, body, mind and spirit in a medley of state-of-the-art modalities. Tanya’s compassionate and skillful guidance, weaves together a tapestry of tools inspired by the expressive arts, neuropsychology, ecopsychology, somatic psychology, guided imagery, art therapy, energy psychology, mindfulness and contemplative practices that leads to lasting healing and change.

I know I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what I consider a metamorphosis of myself, but I can rest somewhat easier knowing I’m not alone and really have only just begun this journey along a completely new road of my life.
— DC

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