“Before Tanya, I’d had other therapists help me get through my high anxiety and depression through mostly talk therapy, but I didn’t have real improvements until I walked into Tanya’s office. Through many processes, including; EMDR, Art Therapy, Spiritual Journeying and much more, we have tackled many of my issues, so that I can continue to grow into a healthier person. I’m much more able to manage my depression and anxiety. I still see Tanya as new challenges in my life present themselves. And I look forward to continuing to find more balance, with her assistance, as I continue my healing journey.”

— KN



“I feel more empowered to be a part of my own healing.”

"I have been working with Tanya for a year and I am truly able to feel positive changes in my life. I’ve seen many therapists through the years and never really felt like I was benefiting. I believe the difference is in Mindfulness training, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Art Therapy. Through all these approaches, I feel more empowered to be a part of my own healing. I can feel transformation taking place, which is very encouraging. Tanya has helped me to understand and feel the issues in my body, so that I can then release them and move on. She assists you to get to the core of the issue.  She listens, guides, and supports in a compassionate way. It has been and continues to be a very healing experience."

— CO

"The Horses Showed Me..."

I was amazed at how the horses showed me a reflective mirror to my thoughts and emotions. Tanya, with the help of beautiful Equine guides, helped me relax within myself to see the real truth.

— BC

"I'm happier and more motivated now."

"I have been seeing Tanya for more than three months. I had a lot of things going on in my life when I decided to start seeing her. I had
been grieving my parents' loss, had a conflict with a male colleague and high stress at my job, and started to have a hard time going through daily life. I didn't want to keep wallowing in those sad emotions and go down the depression path. The sessions with Tanya were like talking to a friend. She is very friendly, calming and comforting. She taught me how to use some of the tools from her toolbox (such as meditation techniques, EMDR, and other advice) that helped me get through those difficult times and find joy in my work, achieve peace within myself regardless of the people who bother me, and accept the loss of my parents. I am happier and more motivated now, thanks to Tanya. I surely will keep practicing the methods she taught me. I will miss seeing her when our sessions are over, I am grateful I found her."

— PI

"A wonderful experience..."

Working with Tanya has been such a wonderful experience - full of greater awareness and connection. Tanya has a very gentle, compassionate and lighthearted presence, and has been so gifted in guiding me through my experiences with the horses.

— SD

"This transformation has enabled me to develop a much-improved outlook on life and of myself.”

"Before working with Tanya my outlook on life was pretty dismal, to say the least.  I had never felt alive and I did not have the slightest idea of how to feel alive. After seeing so many therapists in the past, I was a little hesitant at first to meet with Tanya, but to my surprise, she quickly changed my entire mentality. Tanya has a true gift, and it isn’t the fact that she is a licensed therapist, but that she is tremendously genuine and caring. I have never felt more at ease in anyone’s presence than hers. Her heart and her mind are always open and she is always there when I need her support the most.  Her approach never feels pre-package or rehearsed, but thoughtfully shaped to suit my unique personality. Much to my surprise, and Tanya’s it only took about a month for my healing process to take shape and bloom. This transformation has enabled me to develop a much-improved outlook on life and of myself. With her continued help, I am learning to appreciate, respect, and more importantly, enjoy what a precious gift life is."

— VF

I've been able to make peace with my most painful past."

“I have been working with Tanya for a little over six months. I had arrived at a point in my life where anxiety, stress, and confusion were consuming me. My relationships with family and friends were suffering. I was suffering. My search for the right therapist was long, but worth the extra time that I had invested as it’s led me to Tanya. With each session, Tanya skillfully listened and guided me to the discovery and understanding of my past traumas, and how they have influenced my whole life. With the use of EMDR therapy, I have been able to make peace with my most painful past and present traumas. Her kind, warm nature brings forth a safe, supportive space where healing can take place. Tanya has taught me many skills to help me manage my stress and fears, and she’s brought more awareness towards fostering my own happiness. I am continuing to make positive changes in my life and relationships through my healing process by building more self-awareness. I am looking forward to more self-discovery and healing with Tanya's guidance. Tanya truly is a gift that I have given to myself. Thank you, Tanya!”

— KL

“Tanya is by far the most supportive, authentic and fun-loving therapist I've had the chance to work with. I've worked with other therapists along my journey and I've found Tanya to be the easiest to connect with. She provides well thought-out guidance and support without judgment. I am becoming much more aware and positive in my life, as I engage in this great personal growth journey - all with the help and support of Tanya. Thank you, Tanya!”

— GS



“I'm out in the world again.”

"When I began seeing Tanya I was suffering from fairly severe anxiety as a result of a long-term abusive relationship. And I do mean suffering. I had trouble facing every day, to say nothing of the stresses of employment or living independently. I had gone to see other therapists in the past, but they never seemed to be able to help me help myself. I knew Tanya was different after one session. This was a woman who made me feel safe and supported, but who would also hold me accountable for myself. I couldn’t have been more spot-on.

Choosing Tanya as a therapist is, hands down, the best thing I ever did for myself. One year later I’ve made huge strides toward recovering from the traumas I lived through. I’m out in the world again. I’ve found a job I love. I no longer need medication - even when panic attacks start to wiggle in I’m able to ground myself and keep them from manifesting. And best of all I’m starting to feel like myself again. The changes to both myself, and my life, have been striking enough that even acquaintances have noticed a shift.

The road to get here took work, but it was always good work with an excellent guide. Each bump has become an opportunity to grow and heal, and each swell an opportunity to celebrate. I now know that there will come a time when I will be free from the damages of trauma, which is something I used to think was impossible. Tanya helped me make this a reality, and for that I will always be grateful."

— TS

“Today, the old triggers don't effect my life.”

Tanya facilitates EMDR. I committed to it pretty sure it was a joke, but desperate enough to follow directions. Amazing! The events that paralyzed me before, I now can see for what they are. They're just part of my past. They are not my present or my future. They are simply events that happened and aren't part of my identity and who I really am. By re-directing the energy that used to surround these memories that paralyzed me, I can now build on the progress I've made by continuing to develop compassion and understanding towards others. And most importantly, by finally being able to have healthier recipricol relationships in my life.

Today, the old triggers don't dictate my life. I have a mental place where it's safe to be me. It's challenging taking a time-out to meditate when something happens at work and 'old stuff' is triggered. Yet, I've learned to connect with that inner 'safe place'. I meditate everyday holding the angel charm on my necklace, so that now when something happens that triggers the old fears, I grab my necklace and short-circuit the old response, replacing it with my new safe place response.

Tanya helped me with her caring, compassionate and skillful way at a time when I felt desperate and miserable. EMDR helped me not only to survive, but to live."

— LW

As a person who has lived with anxiety since my earliest memories I was hesitant to try to battle it with therapy...again.  Within minutes of meeting with Tanya,  she had me in tears because she had pinpointed and really listened to and understood why I was there.  Tanya creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for conversation.  She has helped me to realize that this requires a lot of hard work and is a process, not an overnight fix.  Each time I leave her office I feel lighter and more optimistic that I am becoming a better person.  Her genuine passion for helping others is palpable and I appreciate that she is always coming up with creative methods for us to work together and it is not necessarily just conventional talk therapy sessions.  She gives solid, down to earth advice that anyone can use in their daily lives to work towards becoming a more mindful, relaxed person.  

— CS



“I have found a greater strength within myself.”

"Throughout my life, I have seen several different therapists and can easily say that Tanya is an amazing counselor. She is kind, compassionate, and supportive, but she also helps you to find those attributes in yourself. She has offered me a clearer perspective of my family which has helped me to understand and come to peace with some of their actions.

I have found a greater strength within myself and am beginning to learn some patience, as well. Tanya's use of EMDR has greatly helped me both emotionally and physically and has allowed me to heal on a deeper level than I ever thought possible. I have also found Art Therapy to be an amazing portal to underlying emotions that I had been unable to understand. I now feel hopeful and excited for the new healing steps that I will be taking and feel extremely fortunate that Tanya is helping me on my journey."

  — JL

"Tanya is caring, loving and helpful."

"I've enjoyed the 100% professional ‘attitude’. Tanya is caring, loving, and helpful. I would have been “talking to the wallpaper” in an institution. I'm not kidding!"

— DB

“It has immensely improved my personal life, my career, and my relationship with myself.”

“My work with Tanya has changed my life. With a long history of depression and anxiety I constantly struggled to make sense of my life. I did not understand myself and I felt out of control. I first went to Tanya in a panic when I could no longer handle the extreme emotional upsets. With an extensive knowledge of therapeutic tools and methods we worked together to find those that worked best for me. She skillfully guided me through my times of tribulation, bringing insight and clarity. She helped me to understand my role in them and regain control of my own thoughts and actions. Tanya has always been gentle, patient, and understanding. I believe she has an unsurpassed willingness to help others heal.

While the initial reason I sought out her help is over, I continue to see her for the invaluable improvements this work adds to my life. I believe the time I've spent working with her has guided me to my personal path for my best self. She has shown me the strength within myself and I fully believe the time I've committed to my work with her has empowered me to embrace the hardships I've faced and move forward into the future confident in my abilities. It has immensely improved my personal life, my career, and my relationship with myself. I would highly recommend Tanya to anyone on a path of healing or as a plan for wellness. “

— LW

"Before I attended the group with Tanya, I couldn’t fathom Art Therapy helping me mentally or physically, but it sounded fun. I had never experienced anything remotely similar to the Art Therapy sessions. No statistics, no facts, no data, no right or wrong, just feelings, thoughts and self-expression. How do I really feel? What do I feel? The physical and mental benefits have been tremendous."

— LC